What our customers say about LockXLS.

Mike Macklin: "The best Excel workbook protection software"
Before purchase I've made a lot of tests, and must confirm - LockXLS protection works perfectly. My suggestions were included into the nearest release and in a week I got the feature, needed to distribute my workbooks. LockXLS team was very helpful. I've tested several spreadsheet protection tools and LockXLS is the best. I don't regret that I've purchased it.
Bobbbo5: "Great way to protect your work in Excel"
I have developed a software tool that uses Excel that my partners and I were going to sell, but like all Excel templates once a copy it out all someone needs to do is send it to someone else and it is easily distributed. So we tried LockXLS and are thrilled! Now anyone with this software can build Excel products and actually get paid to distribute them without the worry of piracy.
I have been using the product for about 6 months with great results. It is a complicated to setup how you want your software to act after you have encrypted it because of all the LockXLS features, so you really need to read over the instructions and examples closely. To help with this issue, their customer support has been great. The main person I have worked with is Alex and he seems to work day and night 24/7 and always has my answer.
Excel protection feature to protect cells and workbooks was very easy to break, but with LockXLS the user does not even get the opportunity to try to unlock cells.
Robin P.: "Best solution to protect or ditribute your Excel files"
I use LockXLS to embed .xla add-ins into .exe files. By this way, developing and distributing files is very convenient. The result looks professional since many options can be set such as: splash screen when your file is launched, .chm help file can be embedded, LockXLS runtime methods can be accessed within VBA code to control the limitations (remaining trial period, ...). Also, the runtime has not to be installed on the client's computer. This allows to distribute your files in big companies where users often don't have administration rights on their computer. I use this software from 6 months now, I am by no way affiliated with the developing company, and I don't regret a single moment to have purchased it.
Dr Beilharz (www.finetunebiz.com):
LockXLS gave us the confidence we could protect our product, so we spent the money developing a rich and fully-featured cashbook in Excel. LockXLS support by email was excellent and our customers are delighted. We could not have achieved this result without LockXLS. Thank you!
Brian S. :
  Over the years our company has developed very comprehensive design tools and calculators to assist our customers in the design of their systems. However, we run the risk of giving away significant IP if these tools were to wind up in our competitorís hands. Traditional password protection of these tools is easily broken with utilities that are available on the Internet.
  We came across LockXLS, and we tried the demo. We also tried to break into the locked spreadsheets. We could not, and we were sold. The tool allows us to hide and lock all of the key calculations and miscellaneous worksheets, but preserves the main page, allowing our customers to provide their particular input conditions. Without LockXLS, we had started discussions to transfer the design tools to a web-based solution. However, the time this would have taken along with the risk of ruining the calculations would have been significant. We had LockXLS up in and running in about an hour, complete with company logo, password protection, and expiration dates. We really like the expiration date feature. It prevents our customers from using an old tool that they happened to have on their computer (and may have obsolete information).
Thanks LockXLS team. Great product!
Franklin van den Hout:
  The most powerful aspect of MS Excel, in my opinion, is the fact that anyone can very easily create good overview using tables and also create functional calculation programs very quickly using VBA functions and forms. This is not that straight forward for everyone when using a normal programming compiler environment.
  However, a good internal protection system of such files with the underlying VBA code for illegal copying, modifying or hacking, while still maintaining its usability, has never been high on the MS list.
  For quite some time I have been looking for more secure ways to protect my in-house developed Excel / VBA Programs such that they remain functional for use by anyone within my company but still keeps me in control of it as the developer, and at the same time blocks the many password recovery programs available through strong encryption.
  When I found the solution from LockXLS I have become very enthusiastic about it. It allows me to create Professional, Functional and Fully Protected End-User Applications of Excel Workbooks but with many additional options such as time limited licensing, various options to lock and copy protect the application to a specific computer hardware etc.
  After trial testing LockXLS, I bought a license and I am very happy to be able to create these end-user executable applications.
  I recommend LockXLS for anyone who builds Excel/VBA applications and wants added protection and End User Licensing functionality.
Franklin van den Hout, Ansaldo-Thomassen, The Netherlands.
Lenora Baker:
  We are a new company based on the west coast of Canada. We develop productivity software in Microsoft Excel VBA for the Real Estate sector. We were fortunate to find LockXLS in early July of 2008; it was largely the capabilities of the software that justified our decision to use Excel for our end products. LockXLS software is first-class and provides a level of security that is essential if Excel is used as the backbone for commercial applications. The level of support provided by Alex and his development team is amazing. They have a commitment to excellence and a mantra of continued growth. They listen to their customers in guiding the functionality of their product. They respond quickly to questions and deal with challenges efficiently and effectively. I am proud to be one of their customers and hope our new company will be positioned to provide the same high level of service and expertise to meet the needs of our own customers.
Lenora Baker - MarkIT Sofware Ltd., Canada.
Brian Somerville:
  I was looking for an application to secure my custom Excel solution for distribution to potential clients and LockXLS was just that solution. It was easy to implement and best of all...affordable. I had my custom solution secured and ready for distribution within a few minutes. The LockXLS GUI was straightforward and easy to navigate. Customer Support has been outstanding from the beginning. During my demo of LockXLS, I ran into a few snags with the way LockXLS handled some specific vba code I was using. The LockXLS team had a fix within a day. That type of service is hard to find. Typical software companies want you to buy before they will consider adjusting anything, let alone talk to you. I have had a great experience using LockXLS and would recommend anyone looking to secure their Excel Workbook to give LockXLS a test drive. You won't be disappointed.
Marcos S. Bolorino:
  I think LockXLS is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to protect their Excel spreadsheets. The program is simple to understand and very easy to use. LockXLS has made our spreadsheets more secure and more user-friendly. Now, we can even offer our clients fully-functional trial copies, or even "rentals"of our programs. LockXLS also make the registration and activation of our spreadsheets much faster and easier for us and for our clients. I was also surprised by how well they respond to their customers needs. Their support team is very helpful and they always listen to my suggestions. Actually, I can see many of my suggestions now on the new version of the LockXLS. Well, I'm very glad to help make this great program even better. In my opinion, LockXLS is by far the best solution for spreadsheet protection.
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