Excel File Compiler Sample Projects

In addition to the LockXLS application you can download and install several sample projects on your PC, which show various LockXLS features.

Complete set of the LockXLS Sample Projects: lockxls_samples.msi

  • Save this file on your PC. Launch and follow the instructions.
  • All projects are installed into My Documents\LockXLS Samples folder.
  • Complete list of the installed projects is described in the LockXLS Help Library.
This setup includes:
  • File protected with Password.
  • File protected with Trial Period.
  • File protected with Hardware-Based Activation Code.

File protected with a Trial Period: Trial Period Protection.msi

This example shows following features of the LockXLS:
  • Trial period protection option (this file will work for 3 days on your PC)
  • Convert Excel document to executable file
  • Add custom icon to application
  • End User License Agreement (EULA) interface
  • Splash window
  • Create setup package (msi) for a locked file
The application doesn't require LockXLS Runtime to be installed on your PC. So, you don't need to install anything to open this spreadsheet. This application works as a source Excel document, but it has securely hidden formulas and VBA Code.
Setup package was created by LockXLS. It does the following:
  • SampleApplication.exe file is installed into My Documents\LockXLS Samples\Trial Period Protection folder.
  • The folder LockXLS Samples is created in the Start | All Programsmenu.
  • The shortcut Trial Period Protection.xls is created in this folder. It points to the SampleApplication.exe.
Note: You can install and uninstall this sample as you would any application. To remove it just go to the Control Panel | Add and Remove Programs. Find it in the products list and uninstall.

File protected with a Password: Password Protection.msi

This is the simplest type of protection - the user must enter the password to open this file. It shows the following LockXLS features:
  • Password protection
  • Splash image
  • End User License Agreement
  • Setup package created for the locked file
  • Custom banner in the setup package
  • EULA in the setup package