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Sample projects, which demonstrates how to use LockXLS for various tasks.

Excel File Compiler Screenshot

Samples installed with LockXLS:

  • Excel document protected with password. This is the simpliest project with minimum set of options. More ...
  • Locked file with splash screen and customized messages. This project uses some advanced options. More ...
  • Locked file ready to distribution. This project contains the most common features used in real file - splash screen, End User License Agreement, Hardware Based Activation Code protection, customized messages shown to customer. More ...
  • AddIn Project. Lock AddIn as usual Excel document. More ...

Samples which describes various LockXLS features (installed separately):

  • Formulas Available For Modification. Locked spreadsheet, where customer can enter his own formulas and modify existing ones. Excel document contains 3 areas - formulas which can not be viewed or modified, formulas which can be viewed, but can not be modified and area where customer can enter and modify his own formula. This project uses Protection Options | Additional Options | Do not hide formulas on protected sheets option.
  • Charts. Locked spreadsheet with charts locked from modification. Customer can modify data on this sheet, but can not change chart. Same technique may be applied to other objects on the worksheet.
  • Linked Files. Using linked workbooks. This sample shows how to lock linked workbooks and use them on customer's PC. More ...
  • Runtime Functions. Using various methods of the LockXLS Runtime Object. RuntimeFunctionsExample.xls file is protected with Hardware Based Activation Code. It demonstrates how to determine:
    • Is current workbook locked?
    • Was the locked workbook activated?
    • Working period of this workbook.
    • How many days this workbook is used.
    • How to ask customer to enter activation code on button click.
    List of LockXLS Runtime Object Methods ...
  • Command Line. Call LockXLS from a batch file. This example contains build.bat file, which adds new file to project, changes output folder and build the project. Zip file should be extracted to drive C, because build.bat file contains hardcoded paths. Or you should edit build.bat and change paths. CommandLine.zip
  • Save Unprotected Workbook. Save workbook in unprotected format.
  • Save Values as Unlocked Workbook. Save values from the locked workbook in the unlocked file - create an unlocked "screenshot" of your workbook.

Samples with setup project settings:

  • Password Protection. Setup package created for document protected with password. This project has the most common protection settings.
  • Trial Period Protection. Setup package created for document protected with trial period. Locked file is converted to executable with:
    • End User License Agreement
    • Splash image
    • Custom icon
    • Customized expiration message
    • Custom banner bitmap for setup package

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