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How does the Hardware Based Activation Code protection work?

Hardware Based Activation Code is the most commonly used protection option. It allows to "bind" your workbook to the target PC, where it is used. Your customer can't copy workbook to another PC without your permission.

How does it work:

When your customer opens workbook on his PC he should enter Activation Code which is hardware dependent. Activation Code is accepted only on the PC for which it was generated. It can't be used on any other PC. Activation Code contains information which product is activated and for which period this workbook should be unlocked. Only after entering valid code LockXLS Runtime unlocks workbook for a specified period.

Activation Code is generated for a pair (Computer Code, Product Code). First element in this pair, Computer Code, identifies your customer's PC. This code depends on the customer's hardware. LockXLS Runtime uses HDD Serial, Network Adapter MAC Address, CPU information and information about Windows to generate Computer Code by it's own algorithm. You can change these options in the LockXLS project settings. Second item in the pair - Product Code identifies your product.

Important: You should keep Product Code in secret. It is used only when you generate Activation Code.

So, the entire process looks like the following:

  • Customer opens your workbook and LockXLS Runtime shows him Computer Code generated for his PC, and asks to enter Activation Code.
  • He sends you his Computer Code by e-mail/fax/phone
  • In the Activation Code Generator you enter his Computer Code and Product Code of the product which should be activated.
  • You must select period for which your workbook will be unlocked. Possible options:
    • Working period is unlimited
    • Workbook works specified number of days
    • Only specified number of runs is allowed
  • You generate Activation Code and send it to customer
  • Customer enters received Activation Code into activation dialog shown by the LockXLS Runtime and continues working with your file.

Your file may have a trial period. Option "Ask Activation Code after N days" allows to specify trial period for your workbook. LockXLS Runtime will request activation code only when specified number of days is passed. Another trial period option - you can specify count of trial runs. In this case LockXLS Runtime asks for an activation when specified limit is reached.

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