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Reminder Options

If your workbook is protected with one of the following options:

  • trial period
  • hardware based activation code
  • serial number
you can remind your customer about registration.

All Reminder settings are present on the Reminder page in the Protection Options:

reminder options

You can display Reminder message to your customer

  • on each opening of workbook
  • once in several days
If you set number of days for timeout in Reminder Options, your customer gets the reminder only once in sepecified number of days. If you leave timeout = 0 days, reminder is shown every time your customer opens the workbook.

If option Remind about registration when less then is selected - reminder is shown when time to expiration is less then specified number of days.

If activation code is entered, but it will expire after some days - your customer gets the reminder with same setting as before registration.

LockXLS has 2 reminder messages - for unregistered workbook and for already registered one. You can enter different reminder for customer, which should re-register your software. To edit text of reminders select sub-items of the Reminder node on the left page.

If you leave reminder message empty - LockXLS Runtime shows default registration reminder. This message shows when working period of this workbook will expire.

You can specify number of days to expire in your reminder message. LockXLS Runtime replaces tag \expires with number of days, left to expiration date. For example, message "Your trial period will expire in \expires day(s)." will be shown as "Your trial period will expire in 5 day(s)."

This feature is used in the Sample Project. Please check it to see, how this feature works.