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Create Setup Package for your Product.

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LockXLS has Deployment Wizard which creates Windows Installer (MSI) setup packages. It allows to create a professional setup package for your product.

This topic describes how to create setup:

  • You should create a LockXLS project for your product. Project must contain only Excel files you want to protect. You should not add any other file to the project.
  • LockXLS doesn't add files to setup automatically. So, before you will create setup package, you must have all files you need on your PC. Build your project to create locked files.
  • Now you are ready to create setup.
  • In your project file check Create MSI file for this project option on the Project Settings tab.
  • Now Open Setup Settings link is available and you can click on it and edit setup package settings.
  • To add files you want to install on the customer's PC you should open the Files included into setup page. Only files added on this page (locked and unlocked) are included into setup package and installed on the customer's PC.
  • More information about adding files to this page you can find in the Files included into setup topic.
  • When all setup settings are specified, Build command will lock your files and create setup package in the project folder.

Important: You should not add setup files to the Project outside the Setup Settings. Files added to the project tree are compiled with LockXLS, but not added to setup package.

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