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Setup Properties - Files included into setup

On this tab your specify files which should be installed on the target PC:

Excel Workbook Compiler list of the setup files

Initially this dialog shows list of folders, where your can place your files:

  • Application Folder - this is folder for your product created in the Program Files folder on the target PC. It is named [Company Name]\[Product Name].
  • User's Programs Menu - folder where All Programs menu is located. Typically this folder is used to create shortcuts for your files.
  • User's Desktop - this folder represents desktop on the target PC. You can place files on customer's desktop or create shortcuts to your files and place them on desktop.
  • Program Files Folder. This is Program Files folder on the customer's PC. You can install files into this folder if needed.
  • System Folder - Windows\System32 folder, which contains system libraries.
  • User's Application Data - in this folder application stores data like settings, custom toolbars and menus, etc.
  • User's Personal Data - this is My Documents folder on the target PC. You can install your files into this folder, so user will be able to modify them.

You can add your files to each of these folders from context menu called by right mouse click:

Excel Workbook Compiler setup files menu

This menu allows to add sub-folder, file and shortcut.

Important: LockXLS adds to setup package files which you've selected. If you add unlocked file, it will not be replaced with locked version - unlocked file will be installed. So, if you don't have locked file, you should run the Build command first to create locked files on disk, and then fill the Setup Settings.

Note: If you add a folder to the root node Target PC, this folder will be created using path which you've specified.

Excel Workbook Compiler setup folder

This way allows to create hardcoded folders on the target PC like "C:\My Data". But, there is no way to validate if this folder can be created on the target PC. You should use this feature only if your product requires hardcoded directory structure.

As a usual folder, this hardcoded folder can contain sub-folders, files, shortcuts.

If your product requires Merge Modules to be installed, add them using Merge Modules ... button.

To select file you should select a file on disk, which will be added to setup. On customer's PC this file may appear under other name. You can change it in the file's properties:

Excel Workbook Compiler setup file properties

Add-ins: If you are deploying Excel Addin, you should register it on the target PC. Select option This file is an Excel Addin which should be registered ... to enable registration. Your file will be registered in the list of Addins when product is installed, and unregistered when your product is uninstalled.

Add Shortcut command opens shortcut properties:

Excel Workbook Compiler setup shortcut

Add Shortcut dialog offers you 2 options:

  • This shortcut should uninstall the product. Use this option when you are adding "Uninstall Product" shortcut. It will remove your product from the client's PC.
  • This shortcut should launch selected file. This is the most common type of the shortcuts. Created shortcut will open one of the installed files.

Also, you can specify icon for your shortcut. You should provide a path to the .ico file which will be used as a shortcut icon. If you leave this field empty - LockXLS uses default icon. For executable this will be it's icon, for document file - icon associated with this file type.

Important: To add a valid shortcut you should provide a valid name for a shortcut file and select target file. Target should be selected from a list of installed files.

See Also: Example of LockXLS Project with setup settings is published on the Examples page on our website.