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Make your file ready to distribution.

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In this example we will create a file which has the most common features needed for distribution. We will build our project based on a project from previous example.

Possible, your customer does not want to install LockXLS Runtime on his PC, or does not have rights for this, or may be any third-party Add-Ins are prohibited in his company. We will distribute our file as application. It does not require any additional files to be installed on customer's PC.

Excel File Compiler application options
Select Example.xls node in the project tree, and then check Convert this Excel document to application. Also we assign our own icon to this file. Path to .ico file should be selected in the Custom Icon edit box.

Our project has a Help file, called from VBA macro assigned to button. In Example.xls we've created a ShowHelpFile procedure and attached it to button. Help file CustomHelp.chm was created using Html Help workshop, it is included into LockXLS setup package. Select this file in the Custom Help file edit box.

Rebuild this project and open C:\LockXLS Sample Project folder. Now this folder contains Example_Locked.exe file. This file does not require LockXLS Runtime Module. You can copy it to other PC and run - it will open protected document and ask you for a password. Show Help File button in file shows CustomHelp.chm.

Protection Options

We need a unique activation code for each our customer to prevent unauthorized copying. On the Protections Options tab select Protection Option Hardware Based Activation Code. This type of protection requires Product Code for your file. Activation Code is created for a pair (Computer Code, Product Code), so your customer can have several products on his PC. You can enter any Product Code. LockXLS offers you to remember all your product codes, and if your want, LockXLS can generate random Product Code for you. Press ... button near Product Code edit box to open Product Selection dialog:
Excel File Compiler product code

Evaluation Period

Your customer should have a 30-day evaluation period. Enter 30 in the Ask activation after [] days edit box.
Excel File Compiler evaluation period

End User License Agreement

Our product should have an End User License Agreement. We've used WordPad to prepare rtf file which contains text of simple EULA. This is not a valid License Agreement, just an example. You can find this file in the LockXLS Sample Project folder. Show End User License Agreement link opens EULA Options dialog. Select eula.rtf file using ... button.
Excel File Compiler custom license agreement

Time Selection Options

Open Time Selection Options using Select how LockXLS should determine current time hyperlink.
Excel File Compiler time options
There are 3 options. You can select any of them, in our example we leave default value - use system clock on customer's PC.

Remind Customer About Registration

We want to remind our customer about registration each day during last 10 days of his evaluation period. Use Remind customer about registration to open Reminder Options dialog, check both options and enter options - remind each 1 day and remind when less then 10 days.
Excel File Compiler reminder options
Enter message to remind about registration, from ReminderMessage.rtf.
Excel File Compiler reminder message
This message uses \expires tag to display expiration timeout. LockXLS Runtime replace it with actual number of days. Your customer will see the following message:
Excel File Compiler reminder dialog
Please note, when you launch this application reminder is not shown on first start. In this project we've selected 30 days trial period and reminder is shown when trial period is less then 10 days. So, you will see reminder only on 21-st day.

Customize Activation Messages

On the last step we will provide our own messages, which will be shown to customer in different cases. Use Customize Activation Messages link to open dialog with messages:
Excel File Compiler activation message
In this example we add messages shown when trial period expires and customer must enter Activation Code, and message for successful activation. We've used WordPad to create 2 files AskForActivationCode.rtf and SuccessfulActivation.rtf. Both of them are in the LockXLS Sample Project folder.

Now click on the first link and select AskForActivationCode.rtf file by clicking ... button.
Excel File Compiler activation code

Then click on the Message for successful activation ... link and select SuccessfulActivation.rtf
Excel File Compiler successful activation

Project is ready.

Now save your project, rebuild it and test.
Run Example_Locked.exe from the LockXLS Sample Project folder. At first you will see splash window, then End User License Agreement

Excel File Compiler eula

After accepting EULA - protected workbook is opened. Close Excel and run Example_Locked.exe it again. Now there will be no EULA window - it is shown only once.

Then, open Adjust Date\Time dialog on your PC and change data to the month ahead. Now evaluation period of our file should expire, launch it, it will ask you for Activation Code:

Excel File Compiler activation code

Generate Activation Code using LockXLS Activation Code Generator and copy it into this window. Now you see message about successful activation:

Excel File Compiler success

Rollback your date in the Adjust Date\Time dialog.


This example shows you how to create a protected file which has EULA, splash and other options. We recommend you to review other topics in this file, also, the How to ... topic, which was created by the questions from our customers.