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Using Advanced Options

Using Advanced Options.

Add Splash Image

To add a splash image to your file use Splash Image Options hyperlink on the Protection Options tab.

Select Display Splash Screen option and then select path to splash.bmp file. (You can find this file in the LockXLS Sample Project.zip file). Leave other options unchanged - in this example we use original size of bitmap.
Build your project and test, you will see splash screen when workbook is opening.

Add Custom Message

We will use our own message to ask customer to enter password. You can enter text message directly in the edit box on the Protection Options tab, but we will use rtf message in our example. We've used WordPad to prepare a PasswordRequest.rtf file, which contains our message. Select this file using ... button near the message edit box.
Build your project and test, now you will see other prompt to enter password.

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