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Getting started with LockXLS

Getting started with LockXLS.

LockXLS is easy to use application. You will learn it in several minutes. There are 4 examples:

1. The simpliest project - file protected with a password. It has minimum options needed to protect a file.
2. More complex project, which has some advanced options - splash screen and customized rtf message. It looks more professional.
3. Third example is a project, with the most common options needed for a protected file, which will be distributed.
4. This example shows how you can distribute Add-in created with VBA using LockXLS.
5. Example Password Protection shows how to create setup package for your locked file. This topic contains step-by-step instruction for creating setup packages.

Each example has step-by-step instructions, how to create project and which options should be selected.

All files, which we've used in this project and result project files are included into LockXLS setup package, and installed into My Documents\LockXLS Samples folder.

You can open them in LockXLS using File | Open command or using the Open Sample Project menu:

Both projects can be copied to other location, modified and saved.

We recommend you to review these examples, and you will be able to create your own project in a several minutes.

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