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Use hyperlinks in the custom messages

Use hyperlinks in the custom messages.

You can use hyperlinks in the custom messages, shown by the LockXLS Runtime.

You should do the following to use hyperlinks in your RTF:

  • place your message into the RTF file
  • in the RTF text hyperlink must be prefixed with protocol ("http://" for website or "mailto:" for e-mail address". Valid hyperlink in the RTF text looks like the following:
    ... click this link to open LockXLS website: http://www.LockXLS.com ...
    LockXLS Runtime will show "http://www.LockXLS.com" string as hyperlink and you can click on it to open the website.
  • save RTF file and select it as custom message/EULA in the LockXLS project

Important: You should not convert text, you want to use as hyperlink, to the hyperlink object, if you are using Word to create your message. Hyperlink must be entered as plain text.