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Using a Hardware Based Activation Code protection option

I need to allow customer to evaluate my product 30 days, and then he will purchase a license, which should be renewed after 90 days.

This is a most common way to distrubute a software - allow several days to trial and then customer must purchase a license. License should expire after some days and customer must pay to renew it.

To do this with your file, let's do the following:

  • Create a product in LockXLS, add your files.
  • Select Hardware Based Activation Code protection option.
  • Enter "Registration is required after" 30 days.
  • Provide a Product Code for your project.
  • Build your project.

Locked file, created by LockXLS will work 30 days on customer's PC and after 30 days it will ask him to enter Activation Code. Now, we should give customer Activation Code, which will work only 90 days.

  • Launch LockXLS Activation Code generator
  • Enter Computer Code received from customer, Product Code for your project
  • Select "Extend working period to" 90 days option
  • Click on the Generate button

After entering this Activation Code your customer will use software 90 days, and then he will be asked to enter Activation Code again.

Also, we recommend you to review this example. It contains the project you need.