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LockXLS Activation Code Generator

If you choose "Protect workbook with a hardware based key" or "Protect workbook with a USB based key" option, your customers will ask you for an Activation Code to use the protected workbook.

LockXLS Activation Code Generator offers you to create Activation Code, which will never expire, or to create Activation Code which will extend working period of protected spreadsheet. In first case protected workbook will work on customer's PC unlimited time. In second case after expiration period LockXLS Runtime will ask new Activativation Code to extend working period once more. Use this option if you want to create rental files.

To launch LockXLS Activation Code Generator please use Generate Activation Code command on the Tools tab on LockXLS Ribbon:

Activation Code is generated for a pair (Hardware Based Computer Code, Product Code).

Hardware Based Computer Code is generated by LockXLS Runtime Module on customer's PC. Valid Code should have 16 characters - 4 words by 4 characters.

Product Code is a string, which identifies your product. To have single Activation Code for several workbooks use one Product Code for them.

You must enter the Product Code and Computer Code and press Generate button.

Note: Valid Activation Code has 48 characters.

To limit usage of your file by count of openings - use option Allow to open workbook [...] times. After specified number of openings Activation Code will expire and customer will ask you for a new Activation Code. More ...

Activation Code Generator can memorize list of your Product Codes. So you will not forget which Product Code you've used to encrypt workbook. Browse button [...] shows list of saved products.

This list shows Product Code and description. As description you can use name of workbook, or any other text string, which will describe product.

To manage list of products use Add/Edit/Delete buttons. Add and Edit buttons will show you form, where you can enter Code and Description for new/selected product.

If you want to use random string as Product Code - press [Random ...] button. LockXLS Activation Code Generator will create random 16-character Product Code.

All generated Activation Codes could be saved in .csv file. This allows you to track all generated codes. You should provide name for .csv file and information about customer (optional). CSV file could be viewed and edited in Excel.
If path for log file is not specified activation codes will not be saved.

If you have any problems with Activation Code Generator - please contact us using form on our site, or by e-mail support@LockXLS.com

Note: If you need stand-alone version of the Activation Code Generator, which can be launched independently of the LockXLS application, you can use ActivationCodeGenerator.exe which is installed with LockXLS. Typically this file is located in the C:\Program Files\LockXLS\ folder.