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Convert Excel Document to Application.

LockXLS allows to convert Microsoft Excel Workbook to application. This application requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on the PC. It opens Excel application and then opens protected document in Excel. Application has no external dependencies and doesn't require LockXLS Runtime or another modules to be installed on customer's PC. This option is preferable for distribution. It greately simplifies distribution of your files. Your customer should only copy this application to his PC and run.

Important: If your customer has no rights to install add-ins on his PC or his company doesn't allow such installations, this is the only way to deploy him protected file.

Application works exactly as usual Excel workbook. Your customer can modify this file in Excel, save it using usual Save, Save As commands. Save command creates new application file on disk. File is not saved as XLS ot XLSM. Excel creates exe file as a result of saving. Changed data is saved directly to this application file.

To convert Excel document to application you should check Convert this Excel document to application option on the File's Settings.

After selecting this option you can specify custom .ico file. This icon will replace standard icon of the application, provided by LockXLS.

Also you can embed Help File in .chm format into your application. This Help File will be avilable on the PC where this file is opened.

When all options are selected - use Build command on the Ribbon to build your project. Converted application will appear in "Locked" subfolder of the project folder.

Note: Now when you add new file to LockXLS it is automatically converted to application. If you do not want to use this option, you should uncheck it.

If you are adding custom icon to EXE file, you should use a valid ICO file. Do not use files in other image formats (BMP, GIF, PNG) renamed to ICO.

IMPORTANT: We can also suggest you an alternate way of converting your Excel workbook to the application file.

Visit xlCompiler website and review this product. It is our product, which creates standalone application files from the Excel workbooks. Standlone means, that Microsoft Excel is not required to run this file and is not used at all.

This is the main difference with LockXLS. LockXLS requires Excel to run compiled file. xlCompiler doesn't use Excel. This is pure spreadsheet application.

Visit Excel Compiler website