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Protect only several formulas on a sheet

If you need to protect only several formulas on a sheet, and leave other ones available for modification, you should do the following:

  • Select formulas, which should be available to customer, mark them as unlocked (Excel | Format Cells ... | Protection | Locked option is unchecked).
  • Select cells, where customer can enter his own formula, mark them as unlocked as in the previous step.
  • Protect this worksheet with a password in Excel.
  • In LockXLS project check option Additional Options | Formulas | Do not protect unlocked cells on the protected worksheet
  • Rebuild your project.

Now in the locked file you can select this sheet and enter/edit formulas.

When this option is selected:

  • Worksheet is protected - LockXLS hides only formulas in the locked cells. If cells is not locked - formula is visible. Also he can enter and edit his own formula in unlocked cell.
  • Worksheet is not protected - LockXLS works as usual - every formula is hidden. If customer enters his own formula - he will not be able to see and edit it.