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Using LockXLS application from command line

Using LockXLS application from command line.

You can build your project from command line (.bat file, ...) using LockXLS application.

Command LockXLS.exe <project path> /build automaticaly opens project and builds it silently. So, you can build any number of files from .bat file.

Project path must contain full path to project file including drive letter and folder.

You can use these options on the command line:

  • /build - build project
  • /out:<folder> - specify output folder for this project. You can redirect output to the folder you need.
  • +<file> - dynamically adds file to project. Full path to file must be specified.

Project file is not saved after build command. If you redirect project's output to other folder or add new files to project - .lxp file it not modified. So, you can run several commands one by one with same project file.