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How to install new version of the LockXLS

How to install new version of the LockXLS.

We recommend you to install new vesions of the LockXLS when they are published on our website. Each update contains new features, improvements and bugfixes. 90% of new features are added per customers requests, so they may be useful for your product too.

To install new LockXLS please, do the following:

  • Download new setup package from our website www.LockXLS.com/lockxls.msi and save it on your hard drive.
  • Run downloaded file and follow the instructions.

If you have registered LockXLS copy, it should not be re-activated. New version uses existing registration information. Upgrade for new version is free for registered customers.

You should not uninstall previous version of the LockXLS. New setup replaces all files installed by the previous one.