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How to distribute my files to the customer's PC.

LockXLS offers such ways to distribute your locked file:

  • File is delivered as usual Excel document.

    In this case you should install LockXLS Runtime Module on customer's PC. Otherwise file can not be opened - Excel application does not recognize locked format.

    You can download LockXLS Runtime Setup package from the Download page on our website. This setup is free, you can distribute it with your files or your customers can download it directly from our website.

    In some companies installation of any modules, such as LockXLS Runtime is prohibited. For this case you can use an alternate solution:

    You should copy the following files into the XLSTART folder on customer's PC:

    • lx_loader.xls
    • LockXLSRuntime.dll
    If these files are present in the XLSTART - LockXLS Runtime is loaded and you can open locked files on your PC, as usual workbooks.

    More information about XLSTART folder and where it is located on your PC you can find on the Microsoft's website: http://office.microsoft.com/ ... HP010197489.aspx

    Both files are included into LockXLS setup package and located in the LockXLS setup folder. If LockXLS has been installed to default location this is C:\Program Files\LockXLS.

  • Excel document is converted to application.

    This application does not have any external dependencies. You should only copy it to customer's PC. No other modules should be installed.

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