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Generate Activation Codes online

If you are processing activation requests from customers automatically on your website, you need to generate Activation Codes on your web server. LockXLS has utilities, which generates activation codes from command line - KeyGen.exe (for Windows platform) and keygen (for Linux platform). Both of them are located in the C:\Program Files\LockXLS\KeyGen folder. KeyGen.exe(keygen) is a console application, it generates activation codes, like LockXLS Activation Code Generator. The only difference between them - KeyGen doesn't have user interface.

Typically online activation consists of the following steps:

  1. Authorization. Only customer, who purchased the software should have access to the page where he can get activation code. To get access to this page customer must be authorized. Your customer should enter valid login and password, or something else to be authorized.
  2. Generate Activation Code. After authorization customer gets access to the page where he can paste his Computer Code and generate Activation Code for his PC. Then he copies this code and pastes it into the locked workbook.

LockXLS provides a keygen application, which should be used on your website to generate activation codes. Authorization interface and customers database should be implemented on your website. To use keygen on your website your should have permission to run console application from script on your website. Please, make sure that your hosting provider allows this.

On your website you should use Keygen with the following parameters:
KeyGen <Product Code> <Computer Code> <Expiration Timeout>
Expiration Timeout is optional parameter, it is equal number of days, while license is valid. After this period file license should be renewed.


Keygen.exe MyProductCode 0CC4-BCEC-B3BF-4592 generates activation code which never expires

Keygen.exe MyProductCode 0CC4-BCEC-B3BF-4592 365 generates activation code with expiration timeout equal to 1 year.

Same examples for Linux:

./keygen MyProductCode 0CC4-BCEC-B3BF-4592

./keygen MyProductCode 0CC4-BCEC-B3BF-4592 365