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Change captions and messages in LockXLS Runtime

Change captions and messages in LockXLS Runtime.

LockXLS allows you to specify your own string table which will be used to ask customer for Activation Code, password, etc. LockXLS has 2 string tables - one global table and string table in each LockXLS project. Global String Table is stored in the Registry and can be copied into any LockXLS project. So, you can translate all strings once, and then copy this table to each your project.

To edit Global String Table use menu item Tools | Edit String Table.

String table from project is copied into locked file during Build command and used in LockXLS Runtime user interface. So, you can customize all captions, labels, buttons, messages which your customer sees.

This feature could be used to translate captions and messages from english to your local language.

In this dialog you can specify you own reading for each string:

To apply global string table to project, use Assign custom string table to this project hyperlink on Project Settings tab.

Use Edit string table from this project hyperlink to edit string table stored in this project.